Parks and Greenspaces

The City of Edmonds has one mile of shoreline and 47 park and open space sites, encompassing 230 acres and 362 partnership acres. All greenspaces and natural areas are managed as pesticide free except in very special cases. 

The following parks contain native habitats that offer opportunities for exploration, education, and wildlife viewing.


join our naturalists for an interpretive walk

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CIty-owned parks

Yost Park
96th Ave W & Bowdoin Way
Habitat: Upland forest, forested wetland, riparian
Additional links: History of Yost Park and Trail Map

Pine Ridge Park
20330 83rd Avenue West
Habitat: Upland forest, freshwater pond

City Park
600 Third Ave. S
Habitat: Upland forest

Sierra Park
81st Ave W & 190th St SW
Habitat: Upland forest

Hutt Park
92nd Avenue & 187th Street SW
Habitat: Upland forest (old growth)

Edmonds Marsh
180 West Dayton Street
Habitat: Estuarine wetland, forested buffer
Additional links: Discovery Places, Edmonds Marsh

Maplewood Park
19800 89th Pl W
Habitat: Upland forest

Edmonds Wildlife Habitat and Native Plant Demonstration Garden
95 Pine St. 
Habitat: Managed native plant landscape



parks in the Edmonds marine sanctuary

Learn about the plants and animals that make their home in our waterfront parks in the Discovery Programs Marine Life Guide

Marina Beach
470 Admiral Way
Habitat: Rocky Intertidal, Sandy Beach

Olympic Beach /  Visitor Station & Edmonds Fishing Pier
200 Admiral Way
Habitat: Rocky Intertidal, Sandy Beach
Additional links: WDFW Fishing Regulations

Brackett’s Landing South
100 Railroad Avenue South
Habitat:  Rocky Intertidal, Sandy Beach,Piling

Brackett's Landing North  / Edmonds Underwater Park
50 Railroad Avenue South
Habitat: Rocky Intertidal, Sandy Beach, Subtidal (divers only)
Additional links: Edmonds Underwater Park.


Snohomish County Parks located in Edmonds

Southwest County Olympic View Park
17920 Olympic View Drive
Habitat: Forest, Riparian

Meadowdale Beach Park
6026 156th SW
Habitat: Forest, Beach, Estuary, Riparian

Esperance Park
7830 224th SW
Habitat: Forest