Emergency Management

City of Edmonds Emergency Management

121 5th Ave. N.
Edmonds, WA 98020

Chuck Wallace - Safety & Disaster Coordinator
Office: (425) 771-0277
Cell: (425) 218-6766
In the event of any emergency, please call 911

Mount St Helens Eruption Anniversary

On May 18th, 1980, the largest volcanic eruption in Washington State history occurred at Mount St Helen.

We are constantly told about the threat of earthquakes, with the last large event being the Nisqually Earthquake, that occurred on February 28th, 2001, in the Puget Sound region, That event caused billons in damages to infrastructure , homes and utilities. Thankfully only one death was attributed to the event with numerous injuries reported at local hospitals, with most being stress related.

Believe it or not, there are numerous active volcanos in the Pacific Northwest. The eruption of Mount St Helens on May 18th, 1980, devastated a geographic region of over 150 square miles, with 57 people losing their lives.

These events can, do, and will occur again. One can never predict the date or time of the next occurrence, but there is 100% confidence they will happen again.

Be prepared for Earthquake and Volcanic eruptions. Learn more about both so you can make the best preparedness decisions for yourself, your family and community.


City of Edmonds Emergency Management

Focusing people, plans and programs to promote  prepared and resilient City of Edmonds

The Edmonds Office of Emergency Management works to ensure the City of Edmonds is ready for any kind of emergency. The Edmonds Office of Emergency Management works with organizations throughout the City, county, region and state, to plan for, prepare, respond to, and mitigate possible emergencies within the City, while lessening their impact upon people, the economy and our environment, in an attempt to recover as quickly as possible from any type of event.

To meet our mission, the Edmonds Office of Emergency Management:

  • Inform and instruct the public how to prepare for emergencies at home, work and play.
  • Develops public safety plans for major events within the City.
  • Oversees development of the City’s plans for large-scale emergencies and disasters.
  • Conducts training and exercises to test the effectiveness of plans and policies.
  • Collects, analyzes, and disseminates incident information.
  • Coordinates and supports responses to and recovery from emergencies.


Emergency/Disaster Notification  – Sign up Today!

The previous Emergency and Disaster Notification System originating from Snohomish County Emergency Management has been replaced with a new alerting system with far more capability, called Smart 911. The new system allows you to sign up for emergency and disaster alerts specific to your address, plus allows you an option to provide information about your medicines, disability/motility issues and even information about your pets, should emergency responders ever be dispatched to your home.

You must (opt in), sign up for the new system, to receive future emergency or disaster alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Smart 911 can be found here: https://www.smart911.com/smart911/accountMgt/faq.action

  • Be sure to check the City of Edmonds – Opt in box when you sign up, to receive specific messages pertaining to the City of Edmonds as well as messages from the City of Edmonds Emergency Management Department.

(Click the link to join)

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