Mission & Purpose


Roles of the City Council

As the legislative branch of a mayor-council, non-partisan, representative form of government, seven part-time councilmembers are elected directly by the people to staggered four year terms. All positions represent the community at large.

The City Council adopts the City budget, establishes law and policy, approves appropriations and contracts, levies taxes, and grants franchises. Councilmembers also represent the City on boards and commissions and to other organizations.



The City Council is the legislative body that establishes City policy. The Council's legislative authority is established by Title 35 of the Revised Code of Washington Laws of Cities and Towns. Section 35A.11.020 of the Optional Municipal Code sets forth the powers vested in legislative bodies of non-charter code cities.


Code of Ethics

The City Council approved the attached Code of Ethics on June 2, 2015.