Government Channel

Watch City Council meetings LIVE on scheduled Tuesday nights at 7:00PM here.

Channel 21/39 Daily Programming Guide



City Council Meeting Weekly Council Meeting replays each day at Noon and 7:00PM



City Council Meeting The Council has four meetings a month, three business meetings and one study session. These meetings are broadcast live on Tuesday evenings. Please check Council Meeting agenda for time live broadcasts will start. Live broadcasts are shown on Comcast (Channel 21) and Ziply (Channel 39). Rebroadcasts of the weekly Council Meetings replay each day at Noon and 7:00PM.
Planning Board Meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM are LIVE Planning Board Meetings instead of the Council Meeting replay.


Government Channel

Our local government channel is available on both Comcast and Ziply cable systems, Comcast 21/Ziply 39.

Council Meeting Broadcasts
Edmonds City Council meetings are broadcast HERE on scheduled Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.

Cable Franchises

Edmonds holds Cable Television Franchises with Comcast and Ziply.