Probation Services

The Edmonds Municipal Court employs two full-time Probation Officers, Omar Gamez and Tracie Padilla. The Probation Officers provide pre-trial and post-conviction monitoring and supervision services for the court. Their goal is to assist and support clients in successfully complying with the conditions set forth by the court.

Clients will be placed on either active, monitored, or records check Probation. Active probation clients meet with Probation Officers once per month (currently by phone or Zoom) or as ordered by the court. During these meetings, Probation Officers will ask about any changes to client’s contact information, any progress or barriers with complying with court-ordered conditions and will make any appropriate referrals as needed.

Monitored and records check only clients will meet with Probation after sentencing and will then just be monitored by Probation staff for completion of any court-ordered conditions. Any probation client is free and encouraged to contact the Probation Officers for questions or guidance regarding their case.

Probation utilizes several monitoring services to help reduce jail sentences and re-offending. These services can include SCRAM alcohol monitoring, hand-held alcohol monitoring devices, ignition interlock device, electronic home detention, GPS monitoring, community service, frequent contacts with Probation, or our court-sponsored moral reconation therapy or domestic violence moral reconation therapy groups.

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Court and Probation Hours:
M-F 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (Closed 12:00-1:00)