Park Planning & Projects

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The Parks & Recreation department has a wide range of ongoing planning and capital projects and has recently completed several significant projects including the Waterfront Center & Beach project, the 2022 Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS Plan) update and the Civic Center Playfield renovation project. The focus for planning and capital work is on smaller projects that provide repairs and replacements of deferred maintenance throughout the park system. Some of those projects include new outdoor shower at Brackett’s Landing North park, automatic locks on public park restrooms for increased security and vandalism prevention, replacement of Apollo Spinner netting at Mathay Ballinger park, bottle fillers replacing drinking fountains in several parks, repairs to Cemetery gate after vehicle accident, ADA parking and access and building code compliance improvements throughout the parks system.

Another 2023-2024 project includes improvement to Mathay Ballinger Park to include an asphalt path, a permanent restroom, drinking fountain, picnic shelter and parking.

In addition, work has been and is being completed to secure and clean-up two recent land acquisitions including the demolition of a house and small buildings; invasive plant tree and plant removal; and fence installation at the Johnson property (adjacent to Yost Park on Bowdoin) and preparation for the house and outbuilding demolition at the Mee property (adjacent to Mathay Ballinger Park).