Edmonds Standards

A new complete set of standard details has been published as of May 15, 2018. Revisions to standard details after the publish date will be noted by the revision date.

Pursuant to Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC) 18.00.040, City of Edmonds Construction Standard Details and Specifications, hereinafter referred to as "Edmonds Standard Details", shall apply whenever any public or private work is performed within the City of Edmonds, including work performed by private parties at their own expense. City capital improvement projects will be required to meet all the conditions within these standards unless the City Engineer approves an exception from the design standard in effect at the time of construction. Except where these Edmonds Standard Details provide otherwise, design, construction and materials shall conform to the appropriate standards of the most current edition of the following publications produced separately by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) or jointly by WSDOT and Washington State Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

  • WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction, hereinafter referred to as "WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications".
  • WSDOT/APWA Standard Plans for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction, hereinafter referred to as "WSDOT/APWA Standard Plans".

Revisions to these Edmonds Standard Details may be issued periodically by the City Engineer as necessary to make corrections or clarifications or to conform to current municipal practices, state or federal standards and new technology.

The City Engineer is hereby delegated the authority to allow minor deviations to these standards after review of evidence submitted by the developer, establishing that such modifications are equal to or better than the requirements in these standards, that they are in the public interest, that they are based upon sound engineering practices and judgment, and that requirements for safety, function, appearance and maintainability are fully met. Such deviations from the standards must be submitted, reviewed and approved in writing by the City Engineer prior to construction. The City Engineer will make the decision as to whether a requested deviation or alternative will be allowed.