Cultural Planning

The Arts & Culture Manager for the Cultural Services division leads cultural planning through the Community Cultural Plan with assistance from the Arts Commission.

The core planning document for the arts and culture community and the City Arts Commission is the Community Cultural Plan (CCP). Last updated in 2014, the CCP is a component of the City Comprehensive Plan. Aspects of cultural planning are also included in the Parks & Open Space Plan (PROS) and the City Streetscape Plan.

First adopted by City Council in 1995, the Community Cultural Plan is a blueprint of Edmonds' cultural resources as community and economic building blocks. Originally produced by the Edmonds Arts Commission in partnership with the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, the plan is a result of the community’s ongoing commitment to and participation in the arts. The Cultural Services staff facilitates consultant-led updates of the Community Cultural Plan. The Arts Commission participates in the community input process and assists with implementation where appropriate.

In other cultural planning efforts, staff and the Arts Commission assist with updates to various other City  and arts plans, including:

Ongoing 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor planning
Highway 99 International District Enhancements
Edmonds Arts Summits (2013, 2015)
2017 Economic Impact of Arts & Culture in Edmonds
Downtown Edmonds Creative District

If you are interested in participating in the Community Cultural Plan update process please contact Cultural Services staff at [email protected].


In 2018, Edmonds was designated by the State as the first certified Creative District, managed jointly by Cultural Services and the Economic Development Department (


The 2017 study implements a key strategy in the 2014 Community Cultural Plan to conduct economic assessments of cultural tourism and the impact of arts and culture in Edmonds.  Significant findings in the study included:

  • The arts and culture generate an estimated $50 million a year and 440 full-time equivalent positions to the regional economy
    Attendees of arts and culture events in Edmonds spend more money than just the cost of their admission.
  • While Edmonds Center for the Arts is an anchor attraction, people come to Edmonds for a variety of arts and cultural attractions, including public, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations. Diversity in attractions give the Edmonds arts and culture community its strength.
  • The primary market are people living within a 30-minute drive of Edmonds, with tourism from beyond a 30-minute drive representing a modest share.
  • Edmonds has a firm foundation of arts and culture attendees and participants, particularly among people 65 and older.


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