Edmonds Memorial Cemetery

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Edmonds Memorial Cemetery, founded in 1891, began on four acres of land donated to IOOF Lodge 96 by Thomas E. White, an early settler. It was sold into private ownership in the early 1900's. In 1982 Lawrence E. Hubbard deeded the cemetery to the City of Edmonds.

The Edmonds Cemetery Board is appointed by the City Council. The Board works with citizen volunteers and local residents to oversee site operations. A full-time Sexton is an employee of the Parks, Recreation, and Human Services Department. The Sexton manages sales, public services, burial arrangements and grounds maintenance.

Cemetery expenditures for labor, supplies, operations and services are paid through an enterprise fund account as the Cemetery is self-funded. Revenue is generated from cemetery sales and services. The Cemetery Board sets aside 10% of annual revenues in an endowment care fund account. Interest from the account will help support future maintenance needs.

Over the past 10 years the Cemetery Board has aggressively pursued improvements to the infrastructure. The Cemetery office has been renovated, the grounds and roadway improved, an irrigation system and well have been installed, and major equipment has been purchased. The beautiful new 680 niche Edmonds Columbarium was completed in October, 2006 complete with eternal waterfall. Each niche is suitable for two urns. Maps, cemetery and columbarium information is always available.

Memorials and donations from private and civic organizations have enhanced the beauty of the six-acre cemetery. Community events, Memorial Day Services, elementary school partnership programs, and the Annual Walk Back In Time event provide opportunities for people to tour the cemetery and appreciate its historical significance. Call 425-771-4741 for information or appointments. The Cemetery is open Dawn to Dusk.

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