Community Solar

edmonds center

The City of Edmonds hosted a community solar installation at the Frances Anderson Center downtown. The Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative developed, and Tangerine Power in cooperation with Sustainable Edmonds supported this installation. 

Community solar projects were unique public/private partnerships encouraged by State time-limited financial incentives and subsidies. These incentives especially supported solar products manufactured in Washington. This program enabled Snohomish PUD customers to participate in a collective solar project by reducing the costs of access and ownership while reaping the benefits of generating solar energy for the community. Information can be found in the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative's FAQ sheet. Visuals related to the project can also be found here.

Site Information:

Community Solar Host: Frances Anderson Center (Roof),
700 Main Street
Edmonds WA 98020
Building Owner: City of Edmonds
Solar Power System Owner: EDMONDS COMMUNITY SOLAR COOPERATIVE, a Washington Cooperative Association
Solar Energy Facility: Up to 60 kilowatt (kW) Solar Power Array (Enough to power 6-8 average NW Houses)

Silicon Energy Cascade Series 200-watt solar modules (Made in WA)
Up to 18 Silicon Energy SIE-4.2 Solar Inverters (Assembled in WA)

Fixed roof mount

Official 'Ribbon Cutting': October 19, 2011
Agreement Termination Date: June 30, 2020