Highway 99 Community Renewal Project

Project Purpose

The neighborhoods around Highway 99 are an important part of the Edmonds community, with many homes, unique and diverse businesses, and key pieces of transportation infrastructure.

In 2017, a community vision for the area was developed through the Highway 99 Subarea Plan planning process; however, some persistent challenges remainvacant buildings, neglected areas, unsafe streets, and pockets of criminal activity.

As new development increases the number of homes near the highway, the city is assessing ways to improve quality of life, address longstanding issues, and accelerate desired changes in the area.

The Highway 99 Community Renewal Plan is one tool to help. The plan will document problems on the corridor and, when adopted, give the City expanded capacity to address them. The planning team is meeting with stakeholders and gathering information to shape the plan’s proposals and will present progress to two public open houses in the coming months. If you’d like to be involved, we encourage you to join the mailing list and to attend the public open houses.

Why Community Renewal?

Community Renewal is a tool to revitalize urban districts. Technological and social changes, aging infrastructure and buildings, obsolete planning, and other factors can work together to inhibit healthy growth and change. Cities like Shoreline and Tukwila are using this tool to help revitalize areas challenged by similar issues.

Under community renewal rules, cities can play a more active role than normal to remove barriers to positive change. Typically, cities must sell surplus properties to the highest bidder, with little consideration of community goals. By designating a community renewal area, a City can acquire, transfer, and sell property for projects that meet community needs, support local businesses, or catalyze investment. A City can also assist property owners, tenants, and residents affected by any renewal project; as well as provide incentives for job creation and retention and to tenants who help fulfill the community renewal plan.

EdCRA_Community Renewal Plan


The project team held a virtual open house on October 20th to share what we learned from the urban design and economic analysis. 




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