Special Events

Do you have something to celebrate?  Do you want to hold a party or an event in the City of Edmonds?  We would love to have you!

Some special events taking place inside the Edmonds City Limits do require a special event permit.  Any event held on public property must obtain a special event permit from the City of Edmonds.  

Some events held on private property may require a special event permit as well.  If the public is invited and it may cause significant disruption to the public right of ways, the event may need a permit.  The best way to find out is to contact the City of Edmonds and ask.  

You can email the City at [email protected] or call for Special Events at 425-775-2525.

If you know your event requires a permit, please complete the special event application and email it the special event email address listed above.  Please make sure to include any attachments that are requested in the application, including but not limited to the certificate of insurance and a map of the event.  You may also drop the application off at City Hall, but please note email is the quickest way to ensure the application is received by the correct department.

Once an application is received, it will go before a review committee for approval.  If the event is approved a permit letter will be issued to the event. 

You can view the Special Events Fees here.

Please contact City Hall with any questions regarding Special Events.