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This page provides updates to our ongoing code revision process as well as information about adopted code amendments related to Planning and Development. Code amendments are the changes to Edmonds codes and regulations that dictate what can be built, where it can be built, and general regulations on how it gets built.

Future Timeline


Code modernization began in January 2023. View the September 2022 Development Code Work Plan for more information about the goals and process of our current project.


Please note that this page generally covers Titles 15-17 and Titles 20-24 of the Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC). This page doesn't cover non-development related issues like changes to city charters or the administrative functions of the city.


Visit the Edmonds City Code and Community Development Code page for complete information on our city code.


Visit the Meeting Portal page for information on future or past City Council or Board meetings.


 Modernization and Ongoing     maintenance


In 2023, City Council adopted a streamlined process to implement minor code amendments:

The City of Edmonds periodically proposes minor amendments to the City Code as part of regular cleanup. These amendments are non-substantive and do not result in policy change. Minor code amendments modernize language, eliminate typos, remove outdated references, and allow for reformatting. Periodic review occurs quarterly.

Proposed Major Amendments

Recent Changes

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