Edmonds Stages of History: A Walk Through Time

Stages of History 5th & Main plaque

Explore historic sites in downtown Edmonds, WA, with the Stages of History 

Twelve unique artist-made plaques identify points of interest along the 4th Avenue North Cultural Corridor and in the heart of downtown Edmonds Creative District. From early school buildings and the introduction of the automobile, each plaque opens a window onto life during different stages of Edmonds history as a permanent settlement, incorporated in 1889.

The City of Edmonds acknowledges that these sites are on the traditional lands of the Sdohobsh (Snohomish) people and their successors, the Tulalip Tribes, who since time immemorial have hunted, fished, gathered, and taken care of these lands. The City of Edmonds respects their sovereignty, their right to self-determination, and honor their sacred spiritual connection with the land and water.

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The Edmonds Stages of History is a walking tour of significant sites that mark twelve different aspects in Edmonds' evolution from a small logging community, established on traditional Sdohobsh (Snohomish) lands, to a center of commerce and culture in Snohomish County. 

Unique artist-made forged metal plaques identify each site on the tour. Each plaque introduces you to the flavor of life during various stages of Edmonds' history in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries.

Stages of History is a collaborative community project completed in 2014 by the City of Edmonds Arts Commission with assistance from Edmonds Historical Museum, Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission and individuals from the Edmonds community. Funding provided by National Park Service Preserve America, City of Edmonds and City of Edmonds Lodging Tax Fund, Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation and the Hubbard Foundation. 

For information about the plaque artist Judith Caldwell, as well as the Stages of History project partners and development, go to: Stages of History Project Development.

Questions about the project can be directed to Cultural Services staff at [email protected] or call 425-771-0228.


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Stages of History map can be found on the Edmonds Online Public Art Map. Click on the image below  and then click on the tab "Stages of History"

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