Transportation Planning

The City's transportation engineer is responsible for administrative and engineering duties including comprehensive transportation planning, budget management, design of improvements and regulation of development.

The current Transportation Plan was adopted in 2015 and the City started working on the 2024 Transportation Plan Update in June 2023. This plan needs to conform with the comprehensive planning requirements listed in the Washington State Growth Management Act Chapter 36.70A.RCW and needs to be consistent with PSRC’s upcoming PSRC Vision 2050. The plan will include both short-range and long-range strategies leading to the development of an integrated multimodal transportation system facilitating the safe and efficient movement of people and goods while addressing current and future transportation demand as well as land use. The plan will identify all existing conditions for the various modes of transportation, as well as the proposed safety and mobility improvement projects. Those projects will consist of all projected improvements through 2044 (20-year plan horizon), including roadway (intersection / corridor), transit, and active transportation improvements. A methodology / criterion for the prioritization of identified projects will be established in order to include those in future planning documents, such as Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP/CFP). Projects need to be identified in those planning documents in order to be eligible for future State and Federal transportation grant funding opportunities.

The Transportation Plan is an element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, being completed concurrently by the City’s Planning Department. Both plans will be completed in late 2024.

The following items have been completed:

  • Traffic Calming Program revisions
  • Transportation Goals & Policies Audit
  • Transportation System Existing Conditions Update
  • On-going meeting between Project Team and Transportation Committee

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