Emergency management is critical to city preparedness in the case of emergencies, such as earthquakes or severe storms. However, emergency management is also an important part of the city's planning for the effects of climate change. As noted in the Comprehensive Plan's Community Sustainability Element, emergency planning is not just about emergency response, it is also about risk assessment and proactive preparation:

"Climate Change Goal C. Assess the risks and potential impacts on both city government operations and on the larger Edmonds community due to climate change. The assessment of risk and potential responses - both in terms of mitigation and adaptation - should evaluate the full range of issues, paying particular attention to those arising from the city's location on Puget Sound.

C.1 Develop a climate change risk assessment and impact analysis for city government facilities and operations.

C.2 Develop a climate change risk assessment and impact analysis for the Edmonds community which considers the potential long-term impacts to economic, land use, and other community patterns as well as the risks associated with periodic weather or climate events."

Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Edmonds adopted a Hazard Mitigation Plan developed in cooperation with other jurisdictions in Snohomish County. Read the entire Plan, which includes the City of Edmonds Annex (chapter), here. To download just the City's Annex (chapter), click here.

EPD Disaster Preparedness

The Edmonds Police Department manages our emergency response.