Diversity Toolkit

Diversity Toolkit
Posted on 04/08/2020
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During its work over the past year the Edmonds Diversity Commission recognized the growing need to consider involving business community members in the work of raising awareness around equity and justice within the community.

As the culmination of a first-ever collaboration between Diversity Commissioners and local business leaders, the Edmonds Diversity Commission has created an Equity Toolkit for Businesses. This toolkit includes resources for local businesses that are interested in learning to become allies and advocates for “creating and strengthening an equitable, welcoming culture for each and every one of our neighbors and visitors” within the Edmonds business community.

The toolkit can be accessed from the Diversity Commission’s webpage:

In this digital packet, business owners will find a variety of assets including:

·       An Edmonds Pledge of Equity as well as sample pledges that can be used as guide in creating a business’s customized pledge of equity
·       A toolkit of resources to assist business owners, their management teams, and staff to assess their organization through an equity lens and find areas for improvement
·       A curated list of helpful books and workbooks that provide guidance, perspective, and insight on dismantling racism, intersectionality, and inclusion
·       Websites and podcasts to use as resources to provide you with in-depth information on promoting equity, allies, and diversity of all types
·       Contacts for local trainers and leaders who can work with your business to further your equity efforts

Courtney Wooten, local Edmonds resident and owner of Suburbia Rising, a consulting firm offering training, workshops and guidance on issues of inclusivity, community organizing and community engagement, was hired by the Edmonds Diversity Commission to research and compile the Equity Toolkit, which she presented to the Commission at its January meeting.

“After a collaboration with local business leaders, and with the great work of Courtney Wooten, the Diversity Commission is thrilled to be able to offer this Equity Toolkit to the local business community,” stated Diversity Commission Chair Ardeth Weed.  “It is our sincere hope that business owners will take the pledge for equity and share these resources with their employees to help create a welcoming and more equitable community for all.”

The Equity Toolkit will be a “living document,” intended to be updated in the future with additional useful resources. Check the Diversity Commission’s webpage for updates!