General Utility Details

PDF File    Revision Date         
GU-400: Typical Trench Section   04/11/21        CAD 
GU-410: Typical HMA and Utility Patch   04/11/21        CAD 
GU-420: 24" Manhole Catch Basin Ring and Cover           CAD 
GU-421A: Type I Manhole   09/12/23       CAD 
GU-421B: Type I Manhole Pipe Allowances Table    09/12/23        CAD
GU-422: 48" Saddle Manhole for 24" and Smaller Pipe   10/22/21       CAD 
GU-423: Step and Ladder Detail           CAD 
GU-424: Utility Casting Adjustment   09/12/23        CAD 
GU-430: Casing Installation           CAD