Public Invited to Neighborhood Roundtable Meetings

Public Invited to Neighborhood Roundtable Meetings
Posted on 06/09/2022

The public is invited to attend a roundtable meeting in their local neighborhood to discuss the
Reimagining Neighborhoods and Streets project. There will be six roundtable meetings taking place in different neighborhoods: Perrinville/Seaview, Five Corners, Downtown, Westgate, and Highway 99/Lake Ballinger.

These meetings are the second step in this new project, the first was a virtual kickoff meeting held on May 24th where approximately 70 community members participated in the kick-off workshop, which included instant survey questions and six breakout groups. You can view the recording of the presentation here.

The first three neighborhood roundtables are scheduled to take place as follows: 

Five Corners Neighborhood Roundtable
When: Wednesday, June 22nd at 6pm
Where: Caffe Ladro 8403 Main Street

Downtown/Edmonds Bowl Neighborhood Roundtable
When: Thursday, June 23rd at 6pm
Where: Edmonds Waterfront Center 220 Railroad Avenue 

Firdale Neighborhood Roundtable
When: Thursday, July 7th at 6pm
Where: Hickman Park 23700 104th Ave W

The roundtable meetings for the Perrinville/Seaview, Westgate, and Highway 99 neighborhoods will have dates and details announced soon.

At these in-person meetings, residents will have the opportunity to talk specifically about public space opportunities in their neighborhoods, to share their thoughts on how street space could be adapted to support community cohesion and economic development. Some activation ideas to consider include temporary art installations, neighborhood street festivals, outdoor movies, and more.

“It has become clear that our residents enjoy innovative ideas that create more vibrant and connected communities. One way we can do this is through ‘street activation strategies’ which utilize street space in different ways to create people places such as outdoor dining, open air markets, play streets - to enhance our neighborhoods. We look forward to these discussions and gathering ideas from the public,” said Susan McLaughlin, Development Services Director. 

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