Announcing: 2023 Edmonds Climate Action Plan

Announcing: 2023 Edmonds Climate Action Plan
Posted on 02/24/2023

Climate action has never been more critical. Heat stress, wildfire smoke, flooding, and drought pose increasing risks to our community. Despite the City of Edmonds’ efforts to combat climate change for decades, our annual carbon emissions has remained largely the same since the 2010. Bold action is required to reduce our climate related risks. The 2023 Climate Action Plan is a call for collective action by the City, Local organizations, businesses, and residents.

Here is the good news: if we commit to the actions proposed in the 2023 Climate Action Plan (CAP), we can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By taking steps to reduce carbon emissions, we can also improve quality of life for all, and address environmental injustices. Our plan will help to reverse inequitable underinvestment and minimize climate-related risks for our frontline communities. Frontline communities are defined as living in areas that are more prone to increased impacts – such as areas lacking tree canopy and/or located within flood zones.

The CAP was developed by evaluating potential actions we could take as individuals, organizations and as a municipality to reduce Edmond’s carbon emissions. We listened to community input and we relied on the best available science. The proposed actions play to our strengths, and it holds us accountable through performance metrics to track our progress. These metrics rely on quantifiable outcomes, such as solar installations and commutes by transit. The City will share progress reports on its website.

You can find an executive summary of the plan on our webpage and the full plan will be available on February 28th, 2023.

The City cannot achieve our climate goals alone. Many actions rely on our community forming new habits. A summary of what you can do is available on the City's website. Additionally this spring, the City will be hosting a Climate Champions Series in partnership with the Climate Protection Committee. We invite you to join us in this very important effort to ensure high quality of life for all in the future of Edmonds. Details and dates will be shared in the coming weeks.

The Climate Action Plan will be presented along with a public hearing at the February 28, 2023 City Council meeting.