Growth Alternative Discussion Public Events

Growth Alternative Discussion Public Events
Posted on 03/11/2024

The City is in the process of creating an updated 20-year Comprehensive Plan that is inclusive of, and responsive to the interests and priorities of all community members. The City of Edmonds Planning and Development Department is collecting feedback over the course of March and early April through two forums in hopes of hearing from a broad representation of the community.

First, is an online “open house” to solicit feedback from community members about their opinions on the Growth Management Act Growth Alternative strategies. This interactive online platform will inform the public on the Comprehensive Plan process and will illustrate two growth alternatives and show how they distribute the required housing growth over the next 20 years throughout the City.

The online open house spans three weeks, launching March 11th and closing on April 01. Visit to participate and share feedback. We encourage residents, businesses, and stakeholders to actively participate to ensure that the plan is shaped by a diverse range of perspectives.

Additionally, a citywide in-person public forum is taking place on March 23rd from 10:30am to 12:30pm at the City Hall (Brackett Room, City Hall 3rd floor, 121 5th Ave N Edmonds).

This in-person forum will be an opportunity to learn more about growth alternatives, to ask questions to staff, and to provide comments. Planning Board members (though not a quorum) will be present to listen to public comments and collect feedback.

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Public input from both events will be utilized to make informed decisions for the Comprehensive Plan Update. To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan Update, please visit

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