GHG Inventories

A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory quantifies the GHG emissions associated with a specific area or organization for a selected period of time, like a fiscal or calendar year. The City of Edmonds completed its initial GHG emissions baseline inventories for both its own operations and the community in 2007. The consultant used ICLEI's analysis and reporting software, ClearPath. GHG inventories require periodic updates to track progress and identify areas of improvement.

The City of Edmonds commissioned a GHG inventory in 2019 to better understand local sources of GHG emissions to inform a new Climate Action Plan (CAP).  This community GHG inventory estimates the GHGs emitted in Edmonds in the calendar year 2017.

2017 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2009 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Community Analysis

City Operations Inventory